Muhammad Osama

Hi, I'm a senior software engineer and data scientist currently based in Toronto.

I work on recommendation systems and experiences as a leader on the Content Discovery team at Wattpad. I am primarily interested in backend and Machine Learning systems but have also worked extensively on Android and iOS apps in the past. I'm fascinated by large-scale, high-impact products that allow me to impact millions of people.

Outside of work, I'm interested in following and contributing to AI research. My areas of interest primarily include Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Recommender Systems, and Search. I also play a lot of video games .

You can catch me on GitHub, Google Scholar, Medium, AngelList, LinkedIn, Twitter, Steam, or via email at {first_initial}@{last_name}.dev.

Blog Posts

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Unsupervised Cipher Cracking Using Discrete GANs @ ICLR 2018